Grazanio Transaxles

Perhaps the largest enigma in building a mid-engine car is finding the right transaxle. This is particularly true if you are going to use an American V8 because most transaxles are geared for higher-reving European engines. We can provide you with a complete solution built around a the Grazanio transaxle. 

Graziano is a supplier to multiple OEMs, and manufactures very high quality units for high performance cars. These robust transaxles don't need to be inverted like Porsche units, are equipped with a limited slip, and use factory or aftermarket clutches, starters, etc., so a supply of them is guaranteed for many years.

The V8 units have shorter gears than the V10 transaxles but are otherwise identical. 

These new transaxles from Graziano are only available to RCR and Superlite Cars buyers, and certain others who install them in other component cars.