About Us

Race Car Replicas (RCR) and its sister company Superlite Cars are the leading manufacturer of a wide range of premium-quality component cars. RCR is primarily focused on building replicas of iconic vintage race cars, mostly from the 60s. Superlite generally produces original designs like the SL-C, Nemesis, Moab and Aero. If you visit the factory, you’ll see both vintage cars like the RCR40 and the RCR917 being produced alongside the SL-C and Aero. In business since 2003, we've delivered hundreds of cars to satisfied customers all over the globe.

We have a deep background in racing, from amateur level, to IndyCar racing with General Motors engine program, with GP motorcycles thrown in as well. We've even built race car parts for the Robertson Racing Ford GT that raced and got a podium at Le Mans. We also race our own cars, with some success. For example, we raced the SL-C in the National Auto Sport Association, and in its first year of competition, won the 2011 National Championship in the Super Unlimited class- their fastest, baddest, run-whatcha-brung class. And of course, we support our customers, many of whom race or run track days with their RCR or Superlite cars.

Whether you choose one of our vintage replicas or a modern exotic of our own design, it's underpinned with modern technology and engineering. Most of our cars have an aluminum monocoque chassis and bespoke aluminum CNC-machined suspension for light weight and improved strength.  

We build all our cars right here in the Detroit, Michigan area, for access to the incredibly broad and diverse manufacturing and automotive technology base in this area that also serves the Big 3 automakers. We use that technology, including state-of-the-art design and manufacturing tools to create and build the best component cars possible. Unlike practically any other component car maker, we have our own in-house Haas Automation CNC machining centers that normally run three shifts a day to machine the custom billet aluminum chassis and suspension bits that make our cars unique. We also have access to laser cutters, waterjet cutters, CNC tube bending equipment, and our in-house CNC lathe. In terms of design, we use very sophisticated CAD tools to design components, and use advanced software tools to help model lift, drag and other aerodynamic considerations.

Vintage or modern styling, underpinned by modern technology and manufacturing practices, and a racing background. That's who we are in a nutshell. And that's part of every car we build