There are many resources on the Internet that relate to component cars. We can't possibly list them all, but here is a list of some of the more relevant ones. We don't warrant anything here, and we get no financial benefit from listing these beyond the convenience of our customers.


Magazines and lists

  •, a kind of classified site for kit cars in general.
  • ReinCarNation, formerly Kit Car Builder, now an online emag with a newly-relaunched paper edition, with free subscriptions. July-Aug 2016 issue here has an article about one builder's SL-C.
  • UK Kit car magazine.
  • KitCar List an internet list of kit car manufacturers

Transaxle suppliers

Engine Suppliers

  • Katech is famous for building the engines for the Corvette GT1 program that won at Le Mans, as well as the current LMPC cars running in IMSA
  • Summit is a big source of crate engines.
  • Jegs also sells the same range as Summit, usually.
  • Lingenfelter has merged with Thomson Automotive, and is well-regarded for GM engines
  • Roush is a renowned builder of engines, particularly Ford engines, which are ideal for the Superlite GT-R.
  • Pro-formance sells custom-built crate engines.


Superlite SL-C running in the half-mile

Stacey David's Gearz! series on the SL-C they built (a final update is now available - see this post for details. Eventually the wrapup will be on the web as well.

Obligatory video of hot girl in SL-C

Gearhead Daily series on building his SL-C

Allan U's series of videos, including many on the build process

A video about one SL-C builder's selection of a portable lift

Two SL-Cs at a car show.

PowerNation video of Bill Phillips' build

Many, many more Superlite SL-C videos on Youtube