Fast Five Project

Once again, we were contacted to provide vehicles for a blockbuster movie.

An integral part of the storyline for  the latest production in the Fast & Furious franchise, was a GT40. Of course, original GT40s were out of the question, as they are typically seven-figure cars- and the idea of destroying an original car was anathema. So as is usually the case in movies, replicas were called for. Now, not just any replica would do for this movie - the bodies had to be accurate, as no CGI magic was going to be used to make up for poor fit, or incorrect details. So RCR, whose RCR40 bodies were molded from an original GT40 car, was chosen to provide the cars.

Of course, there was one small hitch.

As is often the case when movies are getting ready to shoot, time was short for the Fast Five producers. They needed three complete, running and painted GT40 cars, and a planeload of spares to them in just six weeks. Normally, it takes 18-20 weeks just to build a kit, with another 500-1000 hours to finish the GT40 replicas to a high standard, so building three complete cars in just six weeks seemed impossible.

Amazingly, we were able to accommodate them, though it required the owner of RCR offering up his own personal RCR40 to help make the deadline!