Superlite Le Mans

The Superlite Le Mans is another variant of the extremely successful Superlite SL-C.

Sharing the same chassis and front bodywork, the Le Mans is differentiated by an open top, a cut-down, wraparound windscreen, and distinctive rear treatment that echoes the open-top Le Mans racers of the iconic GTP era.

Since the Le Mans shares the same aluminum hybrid monocoque chassis, CNC billet suspension, brake package and interior amenties as the proven Superlite SL-C, the foundation of the car is well-proven and mature. What’s new and different for the Le Mans is the open-air feeling when driving the car.

If you have always wanted the sophisticated chassis of the SL-C, but with no top to limit headroom or cockpit space, the Le Mans may be just the car for you. With an open top to fully experience the elements, a radical cut-down windscreen and an open exhaust, the open road beckons- and the Le Mans is more than capable when the roads turn twisty!