Common Manual: Maintenance


These cars are, in some ways, race cars for the street. In terms of the suspension, there is no rubber or plastic to act as a bearing as in all production cars. Instead, every suspension bit uses Heim joints or ball joints. These provide the very precise handing for which Superlite cars are renowned, but the cost is a shorter life.

To that end, check all suspension rod ends and all related parts after each driving season, or 1000 miles, whichever comes first. For normal street use, life out the ball joints every 2-3 years, or when there is observable wear. For track use with the ball-joint suspension (instead of the optional track upgrade) life out the ball joints every 20 hours. They are cheap and easy to replace.



The factory standard wheels from from Forgestar, and are rotary-forged. They are strong and light, but like any alloy wheel, can be easily damaged. Forgestar has written up a good overview of why and how to inspect your wheels which can be found here. Check your wheels before every track event for cracks, bends or other signs of wear, and replace them immediately if they show such signs. A broken wheel can cause a great deal of damage, especially at high speed.