Moab Kit

The Moab starts at $49,995 complete except for assembly, drivetrain and battery. It includes wheels, tires, a race-proven Pro-Am power steering system, Fox racing shocks and springs specially valved for the truck, powder-coated chassis, extreme duty suspension, a complete Moab-specific race wire harness and electrical system, a fuel tank, brakes, etc. Options include different wheels, tires, LED lighting upgrades, etc. Contact us for more details or to arrange a factory tour to see the Moab and other cars being built.


  • Custom chassis with integrated passenger safety cell constructed of 2” DOM steel, TIG-welded by certified weldors. Thick steel floor for puncture resistance to protect passenger and driver.
  • 1000 HP-rated axles made from 300M material, and using Porsche CVs. These are bulletproof axles and CVs, and are built to tolerate the extreme joint angles seen in Trophy Trucks.
  • Custom boxed and TIG-welded suspension arms. Also welded by the same certified TIG weldors that make the chassis, these arms are works of art, and are virtually unbreakable.
  • Severe-duty fabricated steel uprights and hubs, with massive bearings for reliability in extreme situations.
  • CNC machined and removable front subframe for easy repair.
  • Removable rear suspension subframe mounts for easy repair.
  • Severe duty bearings that are designed for high-angularity and impact resistance.
  • 1.25” rod ends, severe duty, installed with grade 8 hardware as needed.
  • Fox Racing external reservoir shocks and springs for over 20” of suspension travel. All shocks mounts are bolt on for ease of repair and replacement.
  • Pro-Am racing grade power -assisted steering system with stainless steel ram shafts, hardened stainless rack and pinion gears. Made of aerospace-grade aluminum and stainless steel.


  • OEM GM brakes with 13” rotors, 1.1” wide, 6-lug, with OEM dust seals for reliable duty in very dusty, wet and muddy environments.
  • Wilwood race brake pedal package in forged aluminum with non-slip replaceable pads.
  • CNC pre-bent stainless steel brake lines.


  • Severe-duty off road wheels, 17" x 9.5"
  • 37” Tires, manufacturer and type depending on use and customer selection


  • Support for 6 speed manual Tremec HD transmissions
  • Support for modern 4 and 6-speed GM automatic transmission
  • Support for 6-speed severe-duty sequential transmission
  • Final drive ratios available on request


  • Standard 22 Gallon fuel cell; bladder in an aluminum enclosure
  • Optional additional 18 gallon supplemental fuel tank for a total of 40 gallons
  • Tank design supports use of Explosafe for additional safety.


  • Designed for any Chevrolet LS-series V8 engine. Other popular V8 engines can also be fitted; check with the factory for additional costs.
  • Central-rear mount aluminum radiator for protection and maximum cooling, including necessary brackets, fans and electrical connectors. Rated for up to 750 HP, larger units available on request.
  • Double-shield airbox for effective filtering in the most severe environments. Ensures that your engines receives clean, filtered air no matter where you are.


  • Complete race harness and power distribution system.
  • Custom Moab-specific wiring harness makes wiring simple, fast and easy- it’s mostly a plug-in and connect process.


  • 2 racing bucket seats
  • Steering wheel with quick-release racing hub, race steering shaft with severe-duty u-joint.
  • Guage package including tach, speedo, oil pressure gauge and warning light, oil temp, water temp and volts.
  • Aluminum dash
  • Grab handles
  • Shifter


  • Baja Designs LED light kit
  • LED tail lights
  • Laser cut and CNC formed full bolt on aluminum body panels. Multi-piece design for easy replacement and repair. When body panels are removed (a task that takes a couple of minutes), there is tremendous access to the drivetrain.
  • Rearward hinging spare wheel carrier.