SL-C Kit

The Standard Kit listed below, if purchased all at once, is $48,395.

If your budget doesn’t permit buying the Standard Kit, you can acquire it in stages, and build the car as your finances permit. 

Stages 1 & 4 must be purchased together -- there are no separate chassis or body sales. With the separate-stage approach the cost of the Standard Kit is $56,535 – a $8,140 difference. However, shipping makes an even bigger difference. The buyer is responsible for all shipping costs, and shipping the stages separately can be very expensive- as much as an additional $5,000. Shipping all stages at once is much less expensive.

There are car kits on the market with much lower prices, especially some that are based on using recycled parts from a wrecked donor car. The Superlite series of cars is based on all new parts, and builders will find that the total cost to build a Superlite car to a high level with all-new parts is actually less expensive than starting with many lesser kits. And when you consider that you can only get such features like an aluminum monocoque chassis, billet suspension and bodies that fit perfectly from the beginning, etc., from Superlite, the value is clear. Initial purchase price for any kit is only a part of the total cost of a kit – don’t make the mistake of choosing a kit based on what looks like a low price, only to find that the total cost to build a good car is actually higher with an apparently lower-cost kit. It’s the total cost to build the car that matters, not the initial kit price.

For details of what is included in the Standard Kit, and in each stage, check the specifications and pricing below. In general, the Standard Kit comes with everything you need to build the car except for drivetrain and related parts, fasteners, tires, paint, and battery. Information and pricing for optional equipment can be found in the SL-C Configuator.

Standard Kit (16 Stages)

STAGE 1 – CHASSIS & Suspension ($13,500)

  • Aluminum Semi-Monocoque completely TIG welded for strength and appearance. Front chassis extension panels (sides and floor)

  • Engine bay will accept most longitudinal engine trans packages

  • Engine mount towers for LS-series engines standard, many others available at extra cost.

  • Drilled and tapped as needed for installation of bulkhead, firewall and footwell inspection covers

  • Chassis can be provided in RHD or LHD at no extra cost

  • Dropped floors for extra headroom

  • Extended footbox for extra legroom

  • Suspension

    • CNC billet aluminum unequal length front upper arms

    • CNC billet aluminum unequal length front lower arms

    • CNC billet aluminum front uprights – 4 piece

    • CNC billet aluminum unequal length rear upper arms

    • CNC billet aluminum unequal length rear lower arms

    • CNC billet aluminum rear uprights – 3 piece

    • Pushrods for rear suspension

    • Rear pushrod mount pins

    • CNC billet aluminum bell cranks (rockers) with bearings & assembly hardware

    • CNC billet rear suspension spring mounts

    • Toe links for adjustable rear suspension

    • 6x front U brackets

    • 6x front shear plates

    • 12x rear U brackets

    • 6x rear shear plates

    • Front lower shock mounting pins

    • Billet front lower arm pockets


Waterjet cut and CNC formed:

  • Rear aluminum firewall

  • Removable rear bulkhead cover

  • Removable front footwell inspection covers

  • Front chassis extension cross brace

  • Fuel tank lower cover

STAGE 3 – Six-POINT CAGE  ($2,900)

Constructed using CNC-bent DOM seamless steel tubing (and is completely hidden behind optional interior panels). Designed as a bolt in, so can be installed and easily removed with no welding. Now shipped zinc plated like all other steel parts. Can be special ordered in any powdercoat color at additional cost at time of order- check with the factory or more details.


  • Windshield-area hoop with required brackets to bolt to monocoque

  • Rear hoop over occupants with cross bar suitable for wrapping harnesses, and all required brackets to bolt to monocoque

  • Rear braces tied to rear suspension supports, including all brackets to bolt to the rest of the cage and chassis

  • Engine bay cross brace, including rod ends and brackets as needed to bolt to chassis

  • See options section for race cage

STAGE 4 – BODY  ($12,490)

  • Central spider section with door openings, molded openings for fuel filler, locks, etc.

  • Tail section with molded openings for tail lights, side scoops, body locating pins, locks, etc. Your choice of the “street” version with an integrated spoiler, or the “race” version that is complimented by the optional rear-mounted wing.

  • Nose section with molded openings for headlights, turn indicators, radiator air inlet, brake duct inlets, radiator air outlet, etc.

  • Left and right side door assemblies, including molded openings for interior and exterior door handles, and inner and outer panels pre-bonded and trimmed

  • Stainless steel body alignment pins as required for front and rear sections, on both sides

  • Fiberglass splitter, constructed of lightweight core with a fiberglass covering for strength and light weight, as well as low replacement cost

  • Fiberglass side skirts, constructed entirely of lightweight fiberglass


  • Vertical door opening hinges

  • Vertical door opening gas-assist struts and hardware for easy opening and closing of both doors

  • Pair slim-line safety 2-stage door latches, can be updated with electric door openers (see options list)

  • Pair door strikers

  • Production quality exterior door handles

  • Production quality interior door handles

  • Front and rear lightweight, concealed latches to secure the front and rear body sections

  • Rear section mount and hinge

  • Custom fiberglass covers for tail lights


  • Shocks and springs

  • QA1 aluminum-tube double-adjustable shocks with 24 compression and 24 rebound settings, linear spaced valving for ease of setup. 2 front shocks, 2 rear shocks

  • QA1 pair front springs

  • QA1 pair rear springs

  • Mounting hardware, including necessary adjustable perches, etc.

  • 4 x HD rod ends for outer suspension connections

  • 16 x HD rod ends for inner suspension connections

  • Pair front lower ball joints

  • Pair rear lower ball joints

  • Mounting hardware, brackets and fasteners

 STAGE 7 – STEERING  ($1,245)

  • Steering rack

  • Lightweight sports steering rack with integrated adjustable ends, 2.5 turns lock-to-lock.

  • Mounting hardware & brackets for steering rack.

  • Steering Column: New GM steering column with manual tilt, OEM plastics for professional appearance, support for OEM and aftermarket steering wheels, collapsible steering column feature, OEM turn signal, headlight, wiper, horn, driving or fog lights, etc. switches and wiring pigtails. (See options page for a lightweight column designed for racing with no switches, plastic covers, electric assist, etc.). Includes all universal joints & bearings. Fitted with spline for quick release. Also available as an cost-reducing option – Light Weight Race Column.

  • Mounting hardware for steering column

  • Pair steering column pigtail plugs to plug directly in to standard SL-C-specific wiring harness

  • Steering wheel & boss

  • Standard steering wheel

  • Quick-release steering wheel assembly (ready to bolt on most any aftermarket steering wheel)


  • Calipers and rotors

  • Brembo pair front 4-piston calipers (with OEM dust seals for worldwide street compliance)

  • Brembo pair rear 4-piston calipers (with OEM dust seals for worldwide street compliance)

  • Brembo pair front vented 355mm rotors

  • Brembo pair rear vented 365mm rotors

  • Genuine Brembo front brake pads

  • Genuine Brembo rear brake pads

  • Stainless steel retainers and pins


  • Floor-mounted triple race-proven pedal assembly (pedals for clutch, brakes and throttle) manufactured in forged aluminum with adjustable pedals to produce different pedal ratios as needed. Easily adjust pedals for correct heel-toe operation. Suitable for cable or electronic throttle. Clutch and throttle limit adjustments built-in. Includes front/rear brake bias balance bar. Can be mounted on a sliding mount to accommodate different drivers.

  • Dual brake master cylinders (1 each for front and rear brakes), including remote-mount reservoirs and appropriate low-pressure lines to master cylinders & fittings

  • Clutch master cylinder, including remote reservoir and appropriate low-pressure lines to master cylinder


  • Custom CNC-bent stainless steel brake lines from pedals to brakes. Now updated to run all brake and clutch lines outside of the footbox.

  • Custom CNC-bent stainless steel clutch line from pedals to transaxle area (builder supplies flex line to their selection of transaxle as needed)

  • Stainless-steel braided, Teflon-lines flex brake hoses from hard lines to calipers and master cylinders to hard lines.

  • Hardware kit, including residual valves, brake light switch, stainless mounting clips and all fittings.

  • While the standard Brembo brake package is very aggressive and offers outstanding braking capability, even greater braking capacity is available in the options list below.


  • Front custom RCR HD wheel bearings, including wheel speed sprockets in front, with heavy-duty wheel studs installed.

  • Rear Custom RCR HD wheel bearings with splined center for drive shaft stub axle fitment, with heavy-duty wheel studs installed

  • Mount hardware for front and rear wheel bearings

  • Pair CV joint stub axles suitable for Porsche-style CV joints

  • Double jam nuts for each stub axle

  • High-performance axles rated for 1,000 HP, constructed with 300M material and heavy-duty CV joints. If over 1000 HP is anticipated, or racing use is contemplated, check the options list for ultra-heavy duty CV joint upgrades. Some modifications may need to be done to your selected transaxle- please consult with RCR.

  • Custom CNC billet engine-to-transaxle adaptor plate. Available at no upcharge for LS/Ricardo, LS/Porsche G50, Small-block Chevy/Porsche G50. Other combinations on request, at additional cost, including Mazda Rotary to Porsche G50, etc. The SL-C is designed to accept almost any longitudinal drivetrain; please contact RCR for more information to see if your preferred drivetrain will fit.

  • CNC cut and TIG welded mounting brackets for adaptor plate

  • Cable gear shifter for either Ricardo or Porsche transaxles. Includes shifter and mount. Please see options list for custom cables. Builder to supply shift knob.


  • Custom aluminum radiator, rated for 600+ HP, complete with custom inlet and outlets, and access holes for AC lines.

  • Radiator mount hardware

  • Twin electric fans

  • 1.5" stainless steel cooling tube kit- builder to provide silicone hose as needed for connections.

STAGE 11 – FUEL SYSTEM   ($1,150)

  • Custom aluminum baffled fuel tank with all necessary threaded fitment bungs and fuel filler inlet. Default capacity is about 19.2 gallons. Tank mounted behind seats and inside the chassis per Le Mans specs for improved safety and handling.

  • Tank has custom drilled flange for SL-C-specific floatless fuel sender

  • Flush-mounted aluminum filler cap

  • Fuel filler neck for filler cap

  • See options list below for addition tank options, including race-legal fuel cells.

STAGE 12 – ELECTRICAL   ($1,695)

  • Koso RX-2N with large analog tachometer (10,000 RPM). This gauge has all needed lights for street use (including an OBD2 lamp), an odometer, and a digital speedometer that reads to 225 MPH.

  • Specific fuel-level sender for Koso and SL-C standard tank (not for other uses)

  • Koso-specific oil and water temp senders

  • Speed sensor for speedometer in Koso gauge

  • Koso wiring loom kit

  • Koso-specific wires to chassis harness as needed


  • Pair Hella DOT-approved projector low beam headlights

  • Pair Hella DOT-approved high beam headlights

  • Pair Hella DOT-approved high beam headlights

  • Bulbs and bulb holders for low and high beam headlights

  • Pair DOT-approved, production quality tail lights. Lights include integrated brake, turn and backup lenses. Builder to provide bulbs.

  • Pair front indicator lights, including connectors and necessary pigtails

  • Pair custom mirrors with integrated LED turn signals, including wiring pigtails; builder to supply necessary wiring, including switches. Contact us for options.

Bespoke wiring harness ($1,395)

  • Custom plug & play SL-C-specific wiring harness

  • All required relays

  • Extra circuits to make it easy to add additional functions

  • Battery cables

  • Alarm with two long-distance remotes and siren.


Direct-drive, single windshield wiper system with up to two speeds, auto-park, adjustable sweep and supports optional intermittent, rain-sensing module. Includes wiper arm, and necessary adapter. Builder to supply wiper blade.


Air conditioner and heater. This powerful and compact unit keeps the occupants cool or warm, no matter the outside temp. Specifically engineered for the SL-C, this unit includes the compressor, condenser, drier, super efficient and compact evaporator, a trinary switch and rotating, closing dash outlets designed for the standard dash. Provided with hard and soft lines and hose ends. A professional AC shop will normally be required to charge the system. Also includes:

  • AC compressor mounting bracket for LS engines

  • AC fiberglass dash manifold

  • AC evaporator mount and duct system

  • Heater control valve


  • DOT-approved windshield, including factory black edging and transition tint

  • Custom chemically hard-coated polycarbonate side windows (your choice of 1-piece of 2-piece windows at time of order).

  • Custom chemically hard-coated polycarbonate rear engine cover screen

  • Custom chemically hard-coated polycarbonate headlight covers

All polycarbonate windows and covers are provided with a proprietary “scratch-proof” finish, are cut to exact size, and are provided with polished edges for visual presentation and easy fitting.

STAGE 15 – INTERIOR  ($995) 

  • Production-style dashboard in fiberglass, including support for AC and defrost vents, space for double-DIN LCD screen in center stack. Provided in right-hand or left-hand drive versions at no extra cost.

  • Custom fiberglass driver and passenger seats.

  • Pair aluminum seat mounting brackets

STAGE 16 – WHEELS   ($1,250)

  • Front and rear aluminum wheels; choices listed here (details)

  • Set of wheel nuts

  • The SL-C uses the popular GM 5-hole, 120.5MM PCD to accommodate a very wide range of aftermarket wheels.