Superlite Aero Challenge

The Superlite Aero is designed to run, and win, in the NASA ST1 class, a power-to-weight class that tries to balance the performance of cars in the class to promote closer competition. It can also run, with an unsealed engine, in certain SCCA regions, typically in SPO, or in NASA Super Unlimited classes.

In addition to the NASA series and SCCA, the Aero is also eligible to participate in a dedicated Superlite Aero Challenge, a National Championship that is based on compliant Superlite Aero cars running in the ST1 class in NASA. Each eligible, unmodified Superlite Aero thet complies with the Challenge rules will also accrue points that, at then end of the season, can win cash and product awards. The complete Superlite Aero Challenge rules are listed below.