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SL-C Manual: Build Resources

Building a car like the SL-C is so much easier if you have access to other builders, their problems, and their solutions. The main online forum resource for SL-C owners and builders is a forum found here. This is a great source of information, and is regularly read by the factory, as well as many experienced builders. Questions can be asked and answered in relatively short time. It’s also a place, like the Superlite Facebook page and Superlite Cars website, that has up to the minute news.

In addition to the forum above, there is also a wiki for SL-C builders, available here. The wiki is an opportunity to share your experiences and tips specifically about building your SL-C. When you start building, and learn something, be sure to update it so that the rest of the builder community can benefit from your experience. It’s only as good as those who contribute to it, so please update it when you have something to contribute.

In addition to these online resources, there are also videos on You Tube. Allan Uzwiak is a very experienced car builder, having built over a dozen kit cars, including several Superlite SL-Cs --and an airplane!

He created a series of informal videos about building the SL-C which are available on a private Youtube channel linked above. 

 As always, the usual disclaimers apply: these are one person’s experiences, may or may not comport entirely with the rest of this build manual, are to be used at your own risk, etc. But they are very useful, and show how one successful SL-C builder does things.

Uou can subscribe to Allan’s YouTube channel for notification whenever a new video is posted- that’s probably the best way to keep up to date. Just search for "Zakari3030" and subscribe to that channel.