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SL-C Manual: Foreword

Building a car can be one of the most fulfilling experiences in a gearhead’s life.

It is on a lot of bucket lists, because the idea of building your own car, with your own vision, is something that just resonates with practically anyone that has 10W-30 running in their veins.

It’s incredibly satisfying to turn the key for the first time, and hear the engine fire up in a car you built. And of course, driving it is even more exciting!

It would be easy to settle for a Ferrari, or Lamborghini, or a Z06, or 911 GT3 if you want a cool car. But those cars, as nice as they are, don’t allow you to make the kinds of decisions most gearheads want. You say you want to put a 3-rotor engine in your dream car? Too bad- you can’t get that on a new-car dealer’s lot. How about a 1000 HP LSx in your car? Not happening from the factory, that’s for sure. Or you have a vision for the interior of your car that you just can’t get anywhere? Maybe you are just tired of the heavy cars that are a product of ever-increasing regulation? Perhaps you crave the challenge, and want to be able to point to your car and say “I made that. At home.” Or maybe you just want a return to the simpler times, when everything on the car was understandable, and maintainable, instead of the increasingly closed environments present in modern production cars.

The solution to all those problems is to build your own car. And like the old Burger King ad, you can make it your way.

The SL-C and LeMans are cars that are all one-of-one, really. There are no two cars alike- every one is different, and expresses the vision of the builder. That’s a big part of what makes building these cars fun, and rewarding.

I’m thrilled that you’ve chosen to build a Superlite car. You’ll find the experience rewarding and challenging. But the results, if you are persistent, will be worth it, as any SL-C owner can attest.

Thank you again for choosing a Superlite car. Now, get building, and enjoy the experience!

Fran Hall
President, Superlite Cars

PS: You are not building your SL-C alone- in addition to this manual, and tech support direct from the factory, there is a forum with great participation by SL-C builders worldwide, as well as an incredibly detailed wiki (like Wikipedia, but focused only on the SL-C and Le Mans).

The wiki in particular has a very useful set of user-supplied information about the cars, including popular customizations, common problems and solutions and much more.