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SL-C Manual: Errata

Please be aware that this manual is a living one, and as such is always being updated with new information, corrections, more pictures and diagrams, etc. If you find errors, or have additions, or suggestions to improve this manual, please contact

We’re happy to correct errors, receive suggestions that improve the clarity accuracy and completeness of the manual, and will be grateful for input from builders!

Please note that the manual shows pictures from actual cars being built. As every car is different, and builders often customize their cars for their own vision, you will sometimes see parts on the car that are not in the kit you received. Please don't be "that guy" who calls the factory demanding a part they saw in the manual. If you didn't see the part on the packing list you got with your car, it wasn't part of your order.

The Legal Stuff

This build manual is to be used as a guide to assembly only. Race Car Replicas Inc. and Superlite Cars LLC (collectively “Superlite”) takes no responsibility or liability for the accuracy or any consequent damages or expenses caused by the information in this manual. 

You should seek the help of a professional engineer or mechanic if you deviate from the recommendations in this manual, or if you are not certain about any aspect of the car. You alone are responsible for ensuring that the vehicle you build is safe, and is suitable for the purpose for which you intend to use it.

The kit you have purchased is a collection of parts that can be assembled into a car. You are responsible for building the car so that it is in compliance with any applicable Federal, State or local laws or regulations that may apply regarding its use on public highways.

Where specific products or companies are mentioned, such references are for information only, and do not constitute a recommendation by, or approval of, those products or companies by Superlite.

All contents of this manual are copyright Superlite Cars, LLC. The content cannot be distributed or copied in any form without express written permission of Superlite.